Saturday, 24 November 2012

Wrestlers Required!

As you are all aware, we are currently filming a large number of matches ready for the launch of the new website in early February 2013. Not only do we want your thoughts and suggestions as to what type of matches you want to see, we also want to hear from any guys who actually want to take part in the filmed matches.....We are looking for guys who are willing to take part in various types of match: Heel v Jobber, Oiled Up, Speedos matches, Jock Strap matches, Mat Matches, Ring Wrestling, etc, etc. The filming will take place in both London & Manchester on various dates between mid December through to late January, and then be an ongoing project with regular filmed matches being scheduled. We are seeking guys who are in good shape and have some (even a small) knowledge of wrestling. So you don't have to be a world champion, you need to be in good shape and simply love wrestling! Within reason there's no age limits, it's your look, ability, enthusiasm, and love of wrestling that counts more than age. So if you are a bit on the mature side, don't think that will preclude you. Guys who are interested can e-mail us at: for further details.

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