Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Live Wrestling Weekend

We are looking at the possibility of staging a "Live Wrestling Weekend" in the autumn to officially launch the new Manchester wrestling facility. Apart from having the facility open to the public for the weekend so you can enjoy the place and all that we have to offer. We will also be arranging for a number of UK based wrestlers to be available to hire by the hour for your own private matches. That will take place during the Saturday & Sunday (the exact dates have yet to be finalized) afternoons. Also during this time you will be able to meet and greet a number of your favorite "BG" style wrestlers from both the UK and the USA. These guys will be on hand to chat and give autographs. Then on both evenings we'll be staging live wrestling matches featuring these same popular erotic wrestlers. There will be action in the ring, on the mats, and in the oil pit. So there's going to be something for everyone. Daily tickets will be available which give you a couple of sessions of wrestling in the afternoon (optional), a meet & greet pass to the VIP area, and then seats for the live show in the evening. We are currently speaking to a number of your most popular wrestlers and until we have finalized the "card" we will not be able to give you a firm ticket price. But once we know who we have under contract we'll let you have all the details. Numbers will be limited and tickets will be available on a first come basis. We are currently approaching the following guys: Cameron Matthews, Paul Hudson, Gabriel Ross, Robbie Neil, Eli Black, Skip Vance, Christian Taylor, Johnny Firestorm and Aryx Quinn. We'll keep you all posted!!!!!

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