Monday, 20 January 2014

Wrestlers Wanted!

We're now in the new year and here at Fightlads we plan to produce a much larger quantity ans selection of wrestling DVD's for your entertainment. But to do that we need more volunteers to take part. We are currently looking for guys who are in good shape (age is not an issue - being in decent shape is!), and who are willing to be filmed taking part in wrestling matches that will then be released on DVD. None of our matches are XXX, we keep strictly within what's classed as "G" rated. So you won'e be asked to bare all. But you may be asked to wrestle in a jock or thong, so your arse may be on display! We'll be completely honest with you and say that the pay is not great, but you do get paid and expenses are covered. You'll all be aware that at the price we supply our DVD's there not a great profit margin, so wages are not the best. We are looking more for guys who'll get their own enjoyment out of taking part, and making a few quid on the side.... Anyone interested can contact us at: putting "want to wrestle" in the sunject line....Thanks....

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