Thursday, 27 February 2014

Training Camp in Spain!

We are currently planning a week long Training Camp for wrestlers in Northern Spain in September this year... This will be a place guys can come and learn the basics or for those who are proficient in wrestling they can add to their knowledge. There will be twice daily coaching and training sessions. The opportunity to take on the coaches 1:1, the opportunity to take on the other trainees and get in as much wrestling in a week as the body can stand. The location is just south of the French/Spanish border and about 2 miles from the sea. It boasts a selection of comfortable rooms (all en suite) lush gardens, woodland, superb lawns, a covered marquee to the side of the main lawn where we'll set up an amateur style matted training area - keeping us out of the heat of the sun during the day. We'll have a full size ring set up on the lawn. There's a cooling pool and spa, sun terrace, and all rooms have either a private balcony or patio! A full time cook will be on hand to make sure everyone is well supplied with food and drink.... It is hoped that your coaches for the week will include: Heavyweight wrestler "Tarzan Boy Darren" who is his career has wrestled the likes of Giant Haystacks, Yokozuna, Earthquake, Big Daddy, and many more top names. Matt "The Hammer" Mantzer, who is one of the UK's top heavyweights and regularly steps into the pro rings in the UK. Mad Dog Maxx, who's one of the brightest and fastest middleweights on the current UK circuit. Neill Hewitt, who's a regular BG East wrestler and a superb exponent of either pro or amateur wrestling. Lewey Paradise, who since entering pro wrestling at the age of just 13 has risen to the top. Trained by WOS veteran Blondie Barratt, Lewey Paradise is a master of both pro and amateur wrestling styles...... At this stage we'd ask all those interested in the Training Camp to contact us. We can then send out more detailed information...

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