Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lewey Paradise - Wrestler for Hire

Hi Guys, As most of you are aware Lewey Paradise will be spending a few days in the south of England between Saturday 15th & Wednesday 19th March. If anyone would like to book for some 1:1 action him he does still have some time slots available. His current availability is listed below: Saturday 15th March: Available up to 4.00pm in the Essex, Hertfordshire, or London areas Sunday 16th March: Available up to 2.00pm and after 6.00pm in London Monday 17th March: Available up to 1.00pm in London and after 6.00pm in the Brighton or south coast areas Tuesday 18th March: Available up to 2.00pm in Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bath or Bristol areas Wednesday 19th March: Available all day in the Cheltenham, Worcester, Birmingham or Manchester areas If you’d like to book Lewey then please get in touch with us ASAP as we are now finalizing his diary for this period. (

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