Wednesday, 14 May 2014

CUSTOM MATCHES - Special Spring Offer

Hi Guys, Special Custom Filming Offer We have a special Spring offer for you all. Next week we have a set up a session of matches to be filmed for DVD use, and due to over estimating the time required for that project we now find that we’ll have both wrestlers spare and also time on our hands. So instead of simply filming a number of extra matches for future sale on DVD, we’ve decided to offer a special priced set of Custom Matches to the first few guys who get back to us and book them. Let me explain. We have 4 of our wrestlers available and we have both a mat wrestling area and an oil wrestling area available. And we have time available. So here is your chance to order a Custom Match at a much lower price that we’d usually have to charge. This is simply because we already have the cost of the wrestlers as well as the location and logistics covered. So we are now able to offer special reduced priced Custom Matches. Each match would be 30 minutes in length. It would then be for you to decide the following: • Which wrestlers you wanted in a match • The type of match (pro style, amateur style, oil wrestling, raunchy wrestling, etc) • What gear the guys wear (pro gear, Speedos, Jock Straps, Thongs, perhaps even nothing at all!) • The type of holds you’d like to see used. • Perhaps you’d like a theme (one guy dominating the other, pin falls, submissions, etc) • In fact, you can take this opportunity to have your fantasy match filmed for you to watch in years to come. All Custom Matches are the property of the guy who commissions and pays for them. They will never be available to anyone else, so they really are your own to own forever! As well as the match(s), which would be edited and authored and send to you as a finished DVD (we actually usually send out 2 copies to you, but more can be provided if you wanted extra copies), we also take around 30 high quality still images of each match which are sent to you on a separate photo disk. The wrestlers we have available for this project next week are: Skye Romeo: 5’10” tall and weighs just about 9 stones Davey Smith: 6’ tall and 10 ½ stones Lee Jones: 6’ 1” tall and weighs 11 stones Jack Dillon: 5’ 10” tall and just over 9 stones As we have said, these guys are available and are all up for pretty well any style of match, wearing almost anything you can suggest, or possibly even nothing at all! We are happy to supply you with just 1 x 30 minute match or a number of 30 minute matches. The price for these Special Offer Custom Matches are as follows: 1 x 30 minute match: £200 2 x 30 minute matches: £300 3 x 30 minute matches: £375 4 x 30 minute matches: £450 Each extra match beyond 4 would be charged at just £75 per match….. To give you an idea of the discount you would be receiving, we usually price up 2 x 30 minute matches at £450, so if you wanted to order 4 matches you are, in effect, getting them at a 50% discount on the normal price! Now that has to be worth considering…… All matches are edited and authored onto professional DVD’s and together with the photo disk will be delivered to you by Registered Mail. So if you want to take us up on this special offer, get in touch with us without delay. We only have the capacity to film something like 12 of these matches and once we have 12 matches ordered then that’ll be it. So if you’d like to see Jack Dillon grappling with Skye Romeo wearing a thong and covered in oil, or perhaps Lee and Davey trying for that elusive submission in Jock Strap’s, or two of the guys wrestling in speedos and both trying to get a Boston Crab on the other, or perhaps something even more raunchy, then this is your chance to make that dream come true. If you’d like more information, perhaps more photos of the guys so you can make a decision on which guys you want to see wrestling each other, or to get those dream custom matches booked. Get in touch with us without delay ( / 07449 488 914). As these matches are filmed to your very own specification we do ask for full payment in advance, but that can be done by bank transfer straight into our account, and we can confirm receipt of any payments straight away. We look forward to hearing from you guys, and remember, we only have capacity for 12 matches, so once we have 12 matches ordered the rest of you will be dissapointed, so get back to us without delay…

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