Sunday, 23 December 2012

Skip Vance - still very ill!

We understand that last night the ever popular BG East wrestler Skip Vance, who's currently in hospital receiving treatment for an ongoing condition, actually stopped breathing. He's OK now, but apparently he suffered a reaction to some medication and his heart actually stopped for a short time. His boyfriend Christian Taylor is keeping us informed of his ongoing condition and we can but wish the guy well. It's sad when anyone is ill, but when it's someone who's only in their 20's it seems even more crazy. I hope Skip & Christian don't mind me saying this, but we are aware that they are struggling like hell with medical bills. So if anyone feels a little generous this Christmas and has a few £ / $ / Euros / Yenn to spare then I know these guys would be grateful. This is NOT a case of the guys begging for help, they are simply being practical. If you'd like to help Skip then please go onto his Facebook page where there's alink to a fund they have set up to assist his healthcare bills: In the meantime I for one am truly grateful that I live in the UK and do not ever have to worry about the cost of healthcare! Here's wishing Skip a fast recovery......

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