Thursday, 24 January 2013

BG East Action

Some action shots from BG East.....Hope you enjoy them as much as I do....

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  1. Nice shots! I'm ESPECIALLY drawn to the final photo, in which 5'4' Gabriel is dominating 5'10" Drake (X Fights #34. I sorta have a "THING" for compact, muscular, "little guys"! I'm only 5'8" myself, but whenever I see a smaller muscle guy in the gym...I start to fantasize about RAUNCHY, HOT, "69-position" inverted bear hugs, in which I'm carrying him around the locker room with his hungry mouth slurping away at my crotch while I'm savoring the feel, smell, and taste of HIS mighty package pressed up snuggly against my face! "SMALLER wrestlers" ALWAYS have it pretty good; their smaller size usually results in the larger guy being more "careful" with him, holding back a little, offering up more slack and using less strength in otherwise painful holds. And the smaller wrestlers are often given "carte blanche" to GO ALL OUT on their larger, stronger opponents, who (more often than not), REALLY get into the game of letting the smaller wrestler apply virtually ANY HOLD that he wants - BALL CLAWS, GROIN STOMPS, TREE(S) OF WOE, grapevines, scissors, etc. It's a sure-fire WIN/WIN for BOTH wrestlers...AND the viewing audience!'s "A LITTLE MAN'S WORLD!"