Monday, 21 January 2013

Where Are They Now 2

Lightweight Champion Jim Breaks retired in the early 90's and now lives in The Canary Islands. Jim still returns to the UK for various reunions and has hardly aged in the last 20 years....The Mighty John Quinn retired from wrestling in the late 80's and returned to his native Canada. Big John does still return to the UK occasionally to visit his many friends here, but is not fully retired and lives the quiet life with his wife Linda in British Columbia, Canada.....Kendo Nagasaki still makes some personal appearances at wrestling shows, but for all intense and purpose Kendo is retired. He now lives the life of a mystic and is still very much the mystery man. Having been top billing from the mid 1960's right through to his retirement a few years ago Kendo savored success both in solo and tag team action. Following his much publicized comeback in the mid 80's he saw regular tag action partnered firstly by yours truly and then by my good friend Blondie Barratt...........Rollerball Mark Rocco was forced to retire from the ring around 20 years ago following a health scare. But before that Rocco was one of the most feared of opponents, not to mention one of the fastest guys in the ring. Frankly you never knew where Rocco was, he was quite literally that fast moving around you just could not keep an eye on him. Since his retirements Rocco has lived in The Canary Islands where he's now a very successful businessman. He's just make an appearance for TNA as a mentor with their "Boot Camp"........"Bomber" Pat Roach was one of the big guys in UK wrestling. Coming into wrestling at a late age and after being successful in both Judo and Boxing, Pat soon made a name for himself, but not always a popular one. In his early wrestling years he was something of a tearaway, and only after challenging John Quinn on TV in the late 70's did the public take Pat to their hearts. Then once his TV & Film career took off he became both popular and very must a household name....In the 80's and 90's Roach was in great demand in films and I once remember answering my car phone to a certain Steven Spielberg when travelling with Pat....The renowned Hollywood Director wanted to speak to Pat, and as we were travelling to a show that day Pat had given him my car number! My claim to Hollywood fame. Sadly Pat passed away a few years ago after losing a battle against cancer......

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