Monday, 21 January 2013

Where Are They Now 3

Big Daddy sadly passed away in 1997 after a short illness. Like him or hate him, he was one of the biggest wrestling draws we have ever had here in the UK, and was capable of filling 12,000 seat arenas long before the then WWF ever came to the UK......Blondie Barratt is still wrestling (occasionally) and runs a wrestling school in Yorkshire. This long time tag partner of Kendo Nagasaki had prior to that also enjoyed tag success as part of the Wild Boys with yours truly...Dave Taylor now lives in the States, but still comes back to the UK to run coaching sessions. Dave and his brother Steve were both great exponents of pure wrestling and were worthy followers of their father, heavyweight number one, Eric Taylor.....Dave "Fit" Finlay is still wrestling, and is still beating many an opponent. Dave is one of the best there has ever been and long may he continue to show the younger generation just how wrestling should be..........Max Crabtree used to call him "Big Fella", most wrestlers referred to him as "Stacks" of "Louie", but however he was thought of, one thing is for certain. He was BIG.......standing at 6'11" and at one time topping the scales at 52 stones! Giant Haystacks was the biggest we've ever had in this country. Sadly he passed away after losing a battle against cancer in 1998, missed my many, but still remembered......

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  1. Dave Taylor - swoon! He had such a fantastic body!